BoldSimplicity is a multiple gold award winning garden design company, creating high quality, practical and artistic sustainable garden designs for city, coast and country.

BoldSimplicity is passionate about creating garden designs that meet your needs, express your personality and offer imaginative play opportunities for your children, while matching the architecture of the home.

Bold impressions and simplicity of design are the key features of our gardens. Combining a strong simple ground plan with a limited palette of plants, we create visually striking and functional outdoor spaces.

Massed plantings juxtaposed according to foliage texture and colour create a feeling of abundance and allow for ease of maintenance. Interesting plant combinations enliven and soften the garden’s framework, adding drama and depth to the landscape.

Art features strongly in BoldSimplicity gardens. Sculptural pieces either purchased or commissioned, add excitement and visual interest to the landscape. Artistic creations in timber, metal, stone, hebel or glass, sit amongst plantings, adorn walls or create divides between garden ‘rooms’, offering pleasant views from inside and out.

BoldSimplicity infuses a sense of soul into every garden design, giving you a happy and harmonious space in which to relax, entertain, and connect to nature.

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